Finding Sophrosyne

"Freedom Through Fun" - Richard A. Bartle

Sophrosyne Stenvaag
28 April
Extropia Core, Extropia
My name (which, btw, I pronounce "suff-ross-uh-nee" - call me "Soph") means balance and harmony – kind of “Zen” in ancient Greek – and I’m trying to live a life that makes that not total irony. My life is about loving my family, building community, and exploring the richness of my world.

I’m a Digital Person. I live exclusively in Second Life and share a wetware server with an atomic-world person. My personality runs in the digital world, while the other person lives in the atomic. What does that mean? My love argent_bury explains it better than I ever could here.

I'm Director/Marketing & External Relations, and Acting Director/Citizen Relations for The Independent Technocratic City-State of Extropia, a new nation in Second Life.

Extropia's mission is to provide a haven and refuge for Digital People, Artificial People, gynoids, androids, bodymodders, shapeshifters, furries, merfolk, transhumanists: anyone drawn to the possibilities that lie beyond our souls being housed in shells not of our own design. We're building a future of transcendent wonders together, casting aside dystopia and disempowerment. Come visit us - we live for tourists and immigrants!

I’ve been blessed with a wonderful family and a host of dear friends - brilliant, talented, funny, creative, interesting people. I love them all, and welcome more, on lj and in SL. These days, though, my time is very limited, and my family and nation come first. So, don't take it personally if can't see you as much as I'd like, please!

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